FreeWrite Jail Arts & Literacy
Writing and Art from Kid's In Jail:
For the last five years I have had the amazing opportunity to help create the Free Write Zine,
a journal of writing and art from kids in the Nancy B. Jefferson Alternative School, Chicago IL.
Through increased literacy, self-expression, exposure to and study of the arts, our project seeks to reduce recidivism and help students find meaningful pathways to self-expression and further education.

Providing a visual culmination of the kid's writing and art, it has been both a challenge and a pleasure to try and squeeze every last poem or piece of work into the limited space. Being included in "The Book," as the kids call it, has a very real and palpable meaning to them.

A true design challenge: satisfying space & printing restriction as well as determining an intersection of two very different aesthetics: Kids in Jail vs. Donors and Supporters on the outside. In a sense, the book is both the kid's Year Book & the program's Annual Report. And I am proud to be a part.