the First Time
She Fell

The First Time She Fell: One writer, eight stories, eight designers. A wonderfully collaborative project. I was honored to illustrate and design one of the stories Caleb wrote for the book. Before he sat out to write Underlay, he interviewed me about my favorite authors and the life-themes that resonated with me. The tone he delivered back in the story of Underlay couldn't have been more natural for me to create for. Thank you Caleb!

We won a 2012 PRINT Magazine Regional Design Award!
photos by Grant Dodson

Generosity Day Video

Art direction, storyboarding, all illustration and hand lettering for this video for Generosity Day, a public service campaign to encourage people to think of others. The goal of the video was for viewers to sign up for The Generosity Day Pledge - A pledge to reboot Valentine's Day into one full day of sharing with everyone, of being generous to everyone, to see how it feels to practice saying "Yes."  

Done for See3 Media 

Miller brothers 


Liz tapp at widgets & stone
Creative direction: Paul rustand