EF Contract


Project credits

Design Direction: Liz Tapp at Widgets & Stone; Creative Direction: Paul Rustand. Design: Liz Tapp; Mark Slawson; Stephanie Fast; Athen Ruiz; John Le; Writing: Jacob Biba Photography: Grant Dotson; Printing: Adam's Litho

Project Info

As design director at Widgets & Stone I was able to take the lead the Widgets & Stone team in developing a new brand for Engineered Floors — EF Contract. In its first year as a new brand, I was fortunate to work directly with EF’s VP of Design and Marketing Susan Curtis and Marketing Manger Rita Faulkner. The partnership was highly collaborative, and yielded some incredibly poetic marketing and environmental materials.

Below is a sampling of some of the materials and systems I developed and coordinated for EF Contract over the course of several years— including a system of brochures, art direction for photography for both print and digital materials, design direction for email and social media, print brochures as well as catalogs and showroom booklets, and full showroom designs. 

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