EF Contract Showroom

Project credits

Design Direction: Liz Tapp at Widgets & Stone; Design: Liz Tapp & Mark Slawson; Creative Direction: Paul Rustand; Display and Furniture Fabrication + Installation: Range Projects; Material Printing: Adams Litho; Photography in Displays: Various; Photography of Showroom: Tom Abraham.

Project Info

As design director at Widgets & Stone I collaborated with EF Contract’s VP of Design Susan Curtis, to concept, name, and design a striking, textured showroom—inspired by the layers of the city. I was also honored to name not only the showroom “Inhabit” but also one of it’s featured products “Palimpsest.” This project rises to the top of favorite projects not only because of the profound collaboration with Curtis, but with Widgets designer Mark Slawson. Each moment in the showroom — whether the larger than life torn paper cave that visitors could stand inside for photo-ops — or the animated projection of the many things that can’t be “built in a day” — the showroom was filled with unique and integral moments. 

“Driven by the people who call it home and visitors alike, the city never sleeps—its layers, new and old, molded by the institutions, the artists, and the innovators. We’re charmed by the city’s grit, that on second glance is beauty. It’s the taste of a craft brew, the song of a guitar that echoes from a local stage, the peeling posters lining the walls of an alleyway. This is what inspired us to step back and realize—how it’s the collective people inhabiting each city, adding these elements day by day, that slowly build a city’s unique texture, layer upon layer.”

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