Future Capital Explainer Video

Project credits

Design Direction: Liz Tapp at Widgets & Stone; Storyboarding: Liz Tapp; Concept: Adrew Schneider at ProNVest and Liz Tapp;: Writing: Andrew Schneider at ProNVest; Illustration: Travis Hitchcock; Animation + Editing: John Le

Project Info

In my role as Design Director at Widgets & Stone, I had the privilege of collaborating with the  ProNVest / Future Capital team on an important project. Together, we created an explainer video for their product offering. As art director, I lead the team through an initial exploratory phase, carefully presenting and experimenting with a myriad of illustration styles to ensure we found the perfect match for their vision. Once that style was created I storyboarded and sketched illustration concepts for each section of the video.

With those concepts and creative direction, the talented Travis Hitchcock deftly brought their selected illustration style to life, while the uber-talented John Le meticulously animated the video. Working closely with the Future Capital team and a team of voiceover artists, I oversaw the process of perfecting the voice-over and art-directing the final version of the video

The end result was a captivating and effective explainer video that encapsulated the message and vision of the Future Capital team. It was a pleasure to work alongside such a a dynamic team — and the results really show the energy of that collaboration.

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