Littler River Watershed Association


Project credits

Design and Direction: Liz Tapp Design

Project Info

At the heart of the Little River Watershed Association's mission lies a deep commitment to protecting, preserving, and enhancing the ecological health of the Little River and its tributaries. Through the critical pillars of conservation, education, and recreation, the organization has devoted itself to safeguarding the natural resources that sustain the watershed.

My husband and I were honored to be approached by the Little River Watershed Association to design an identity that would help raise awareness of their vital work. Given my personal connection to the watershed, having grown up in its surrounding area, this project was particularly meaningful to me.

Together, Adam and I developed a range of design options, each one carefully crafted to reflect the beauty and significance of this beloved river system. Ultimately, the Association selected my depiction of the watershed cutting through the valley — a visual symbol of hope for a cleaner, healthier Little River.

It is an honor to have played a small role in supporting this hard-working organization's mission.

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