Novalis Print Catalog


Project credits

Design Direction: Liz Tapp at Widgets & Stone / Design: Liz Tapp, Stephanie Fast, Travis Hitchcock / Photography: Grant Dotson / Printing: Adams Lithographing

Project Info

As a former Design Director at Widgets & Stone, I had the pleasure of collaborating with Novalis on an exciting project: updating their catalog design. My goal was to create a design that was both sleek and imaginative, appealing to both DIY enthusiasts and professional designers alike.

To achieve this, I incorporated vignettes of material boards that I created using Novalis' products. Each vignette showcases the pairing of their flooring with complementary design materials, as well as collage pages featuring room scenes and potential paint pairings and inspiration imagery.

As the Art Director on this project, I collaborated with photographer Grant Dotson (whose work is just always beyond perfect) to capture the material board vignettes. We enlisted the help of Adams Lithographing to bring the piece to life, utilizing a subtle soft aqueous and deboss on the cover, and hitting each vignette and collage with spot UV gloss. This creates a striking contrast against the matte Sappi Flo paper backgrounds, resulting in a design that is both elegant and eye-catching.

The updated catalog design was a huge success and Novalis was thrilled with the results.

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