Shift Magazine

Project credits

Design + Art Direction: Liz Tapp at Widgets & Stone; Design: Mark Slawson and Stephanie Fast; Writing: Jacob Biba; Photography: Geoff Knight, Dotson Commercial, ThinkChromatic. Creative Direction: Paul Rustand

Project Info

As design director at Widgets & Stone, I had the pleasure of spearheading one of my most cherished projects to date: Shift magazine. Over the course of four issues, I worked tirelessly to conceptualize each issue's theme and subcategories as well as art direct photoshoots and renderings and design spreads for each issue of Shift. Collaborating closely with J+J art director Brian Daniels, and designers on the Widgets team, we were able to create these one of a kind marketing pieces meant to inspire interior designers.

Shift magazine, a quarterly publication from J+J Flooring Group, was created to showcase J+J's products and their unique applications in various environments. At its core, Shift is an exploration of inspiration that aims to stimulate fresh perspectives and ignite new ideas. Through bold decisions and beautiful statements, Shift emphasizes the importance of color, creativity, and pushing boundaries

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