Vision Hospitality Book



Project credits

Designers: Liz Tapp, Adam Hickman-Ewing; Creative Direction: Paul Rustand; Art Direction: Bradley Dicharry, Ben Horner, Liz Tapp; Designers: Liz Tapp, Adam Hickman-Ewing; Photography: Dotson Commercial and Vision Hospitality Group.

Project Info

A remarkable partnership between Vision Hospitality Group and the creative team at Widgets & Stone. As art director, I had the pleasure of collaborating with a wide team of designers to brainstorm and concept the look and feel for the cutlure book — which was created under a very quick deadline — and then ultimately worked side by side with my talented husband, Adam Ewing, on the final design and production of this project that showcased Vision's unwavering commitment to their culture.

With a wealth of experience in hotel management and development, Vision Hospitality Group has earned a sterling reputation in the industry, thanks to their exceptional team and values. To further cultivate their culture, President and CEO Mitch Patel spearheaded the creation of a comprehensive 'corporate culture book' for their employees. However, with the pressing deadline of just a few weeks to design and proofread this book, Vision turned to our team for help.

Leveraging our expertise and deep understanding of Vision's brand and ethos, we set to work and rapidly produced multiple design options for the book's overall look and feel. Working with utmost efficiency and attention to detail, we ensured that the final version was flawlessly proofed and print-ready in just one week.

Thanks to our collaboration, Vision Hospitality Group was able to share their incredible story with their employees in a stunning, visually compelling manner that perfectly encapsulated their unique culture. It was a true honor to be a part of this project and help bring Vision's inspiring vision to life.

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